30 November 2005

Cool music podcast

Thanks to Brian from Coverville for turning me on to another great music podcast. I love covers but I especially love acappella covers. So when Brian did a quick shout-out to Acappella U at the end of Coverville #149, I was searching for the link in a flash.

Acappella U is a weekly show that started in September. The presenter, Joey C, has that radio DJ sound that I haven't heard in a while; I half expect him to start the show with "Hey, this is the rockin' Joey C spinning the platters for you!" It's not as annoying as you might think, though, at least for me. He focuses his 30-minute show on collegiate acappella groups, a genre that I wasn't even familiar with before hearing a few of them on a Coverville acappella special. Mixed in between the four or five tracks he plays are interviews with performers and news from the collegiate acappella circuit. The first show opened with a killer rendition of Dave Matthews Band's "Ants Marching", and within 30 seconds I was hooked. Give it a listen!
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