01 December 2005

It's all about a cappella

After listening to Acappella U yesterday, I can't get enough of the stuff. All day I've been listening to any podcasts I could find that featured a cappella groups. I'm even tempted to buy some CDs, which you know is big because I've only bought three CDs in the past five years. I'm also trying to find out if there are any performances I can attend in my area. Unfortunately, I missed a performance on 12 Nov by The Bobs. I'm not too bummed, though, because I would really prefer to see a collegiate group. There is a competition in Winston-Salem on 25 Mar 06; I wonder if I can talk Rabbit into a field trip?

What is my attraction to this genre, you ask? It's the vibrancy. ABM and I watched Bette Midler on "The View" this week and we both commented on how lifeless she sounded singing to that backing track, especially in comparison to Reba McEntire who performed the next day with a live band. I feel the same way about the singers on "American Idol". I'm not saying that all recorded music is lifeless, but there is something about having live performers that seems to feed the vocalist extra energy. That concept comes through on a cappella recordings especially well.
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