26 November 2005

I only gained half a pound this week, which is good. That doesn't excuse me from getting my butt in gear, though. Watching The Biggest Loser and seeing two of my daughters struggle to find pants that fit them -- these are two events from this weekend that woke me up a little bit. I've got to get in better shape for myself and to set a better example for my children.

I seem to struggle when I leave the beginner stage. If my life were an MMORPG, then you would see me getting killed immediately after I level up. I've tried to do Flylady four times but every seems to fall apart when I get past day seven of the beginner baby steps. With dieting (yes, I said the D word), I start sabotaging myself as soon as I learn the routine. Whether it is counting points or calories or fat grams, once I learn the diet's gimmick I start adding things. Part of it is boredom and part of it is not knowing what to do next. When I was on eDiets, it worked great when I lived on salads and Lean Cuisines. Soon, however, I got tired of frozen meals and ABM got tired of spending the extra money. It all fell apart when I tried to cook my own meals. I'm back in that same place again and I've got to figure out how to make healthy eating and exercise a lifestyle.
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