08 November 2005

It's so hard to be nice

Sometimes I want to do something nice for someone without talking to them. If I hear in passing that a coworker is interested in collecting teddy bears and I happen to find a cool article or website about collecting teddy bears, I just want to give it to her and be done with it. I don't want her to feel obligated to talk to me at the coffee pot the next day. Does that make me a grump? I just happened to be blessed with a brain that holds minutiae until I can distribute it to someone else. Once I've given it away, I have room in my head for other stuff.

I am the same way with baby stuff. Sometimes I knit it because I know the mother and I know she needs stuff (like the single mom I've mentioned before). A lot of times, though, I give away baby stuff because I like to knit it and somebody has got to wear it. I don't have any babies in my house so if you're pregnant and in my general vacinity, chances are you will get a baby item. This does NOT mean that I want to hold the baby or look at scads of baby pictures. Truth is, I don't have much use for kids until they are about two (and that includes my own). Go ahead, revoke my Good Mommy license; I should have gotten a ticket a long time ago :-).
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