18 November 2005

Knitting meme

Since I haven't talked about knitting much lately, I thought I would post this. I snagged this from a Carolina blog that I found in my travels. What amazed me is that my answers are very similar to hers.

What is your favorite all time yarn to knit with? Like the gal I snagged this from, I knit whatever I can afford. Access is also a big factor in what I knit. I know that I can mail order stuff, but we all have felt the need for instant gratification from time to time. Since it is difficult for me to get to the yarn shops in my area, I tend to use a lot of Red Heart and Lion Brand yarn. Last year, however, I knit some mittens using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride bulky wool and I adored it. I kept saying to myself as I knit, "Is this what it is like to knit with wool all the time?" Sadly, I've knit with some scratchy wool since then.

Your favorite needles? I don't have a favorite brand, but I do prefer circulars. My new set of Denise interchangeables hasn't been properly christened yet, but I think I am going to like them. Just being able to have a range of sizes available is going to be cool; for years (even after I finished high school and had my own money) I would pick projects based on the one size of needles I had!

The worst thing you've ever knit? That would probably be a black/white/grey striped vest for ABM that I knit sideways. It wasn't truly ugly but it didn't fit my husband's style. It was more earthy-crunchy while my man strives to be more GQ. I would wear it myself except that it has mysteriously disappeared :-).

Your favorite knit pattern? There are so many patterns out there that I try not to knit patterns more than once. Note that I said I try, because more often than not I get lazy and fall back on a pattern that I know well. The 5-Hour Baby Sweater seems to get pulled out every time someone is pregnant because I wait until the last minute to buy yarn for the baby gift. I would link to it, but I thought it might be better to advise you to Google it. I used the original pattern found on Woolworks, but there are many adjustments out there that you may like better. For boys, I like knitting it with the hood.

Most valuable knitting technique? Casting on :-). I know that sounds flippant, but I knit many items before I was able to cast on without referring to a book.

Best book or magazine? Although I like the trendiness of Vogue Knitting and knit.1, I've knit more patterns out of Family Circle Easy Knitting than any other book or magazine. I have limited attention for complicated patterns and I knit more kids' patterns than anything else. FCEK seems to cater to knitting moms like me.

Favorite Knit a Long? Knit-alongs usually involve yarns that I can't buy and patterns that require attention. I've joined a couple but not followed through.

Favorite knitblogs? Most of the blogs that I read are written by knitters, but I don't read them for the knitting anymore. I've become interested in their lives. A few of my favorites that mention knitting regularly are Bookish Girl, Poor Miss Finch, The Divine Miss Em, Yarnageddon, and In the Pink. Of course, I also check in on the biggies like Yarn Harlot, Dogs Steal Yarn, and Yarn-A-Go-Go.

Favorite knitwear designer? Nicky Epstein. I haven't knit a lot of her stuff, but I love her books of embellishments.

The knitted item you wear the most? I have yet to knit anything for myself. I'm a big gal and it just seems like it will take forever to knit something my size. When I finally do, I will head straight over to White Lies Designs for a pattern.
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