19 November 2005

Health Update

There is nothing much to say. I've gained another pound, which brings me back up to 257.5 pounds. I haven't gone back to Weight Watchers, I haven't exercised, and I ate whatever I wanted. This is a common pattern for me. I refuse to feel guilty about what I eat so there are weeks where I don't make very good choices.

As for exercise, it has never been my friend. I try to convince myself that I like it when I'm doing it, but it doesn't take much for me to give it up even if I've been doing it regularly for weeks. There are people who develop the habit and say they feel lousy physically when they don't do it, but I'm not in that camp. It is more mental than anything for me. When I'm exercising, I feel good because I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing. When I'm not exercising, I feel bad because I feel guilty. I've never been able to stick to it long enough to get any physical benefits other than weight loss.

I'm not setting any goals for the coming week because I doubt that I will meet them. It's not for the reason you are suspecting, either. Thanksgiving is not a big obstacle for me because I usually stay home while ABM and the kids go visiting. If I do go with them, his family's cooking is not much of a temptation for me :-). My biggest challenge will be to drag myself away from the computer and get some exercise. With a four-day weekend, I will be tempted to catch up on my blog reading and play games. Don't be surprised if I post another weight gain next week.
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