02 December 2005

Doing my part to spread the infection

The sudoku craze hasn't hit critical mass in my area yet; one of the big papers just started publishing the puzzles this past August. I learned about them around the same time from a passing mention in Entertainment Weekly but never tried one until this week. It has numbers so that immediately turned me off (remember, I was the inspiration for the "I Hate Math" Barbie), but I found a free sudoku program for my Palm so I thought I would give it a try. Although I haven't finished my first puzzle yet, I'm pretty sure that it isn't my cup of tea. That hasn't stopped me from being a carrier of sudoku fever, however. I printed one out for M, who passed copies on to her friends. DJ also wanted one, so I found him a very easy version to try. I like all kinds of pencil-and-paper puzzles; I had a subscription to Games magazine for quite a while. I would be thrilled if they got into that kind of thing.
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