14 December 2005

Praying for ice, Praying for ice, PRAYING FOR ICE!

We are supposed to get some bad weather tomorrow morning and I can't wait! I don't want anyone to be hurt; I just want school to be called off. If the schools are closed, then the MIL will say that the weather is too bad for her to drive over here to watch the kids. Then I can call in to work without a quiver in my voice and say that I have no one to watch the kids. I need a bad-weather day in the worst way.

If I had to pick my top word for 2005, it would be "overwhelmed". Everything just feels a little too-too for me right now. Despite my occasional upbeat days, I am really a hermit by nature. Unfortunately, being a wife and working mom doesn't allow me to indulge my loner tendencies. It's been a long time since I had a good three-day wallow in my room. I knew I needed some solitary time when I started hoping that this vague sore throat I have would turn into strep so that the rest of the family would stay away.
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