15 December 2005

My prayers were answered!

No school today! I didn't exactly get the lie-in that I wanted, what with everyone calling to tell me there was no school. Also, the kids got up on their own because they thought their flighty mom forgot to wake them up. Even when I told them that there was no school, they thought I had the days confused! Still, it is nice to have the day at home. I was beginning to go a little batty. Now I just have to use my time wisely. The plans for today:

--Finish the MIL's scarf (only four rows left).

--Do a quick pick-up around the house.

--Look over the kids' Christmas lists and make a realistic plan for what we can buy.

See? I'm not being too ambitious. Now I just have to do get away from the computer and DO this stuff. See ya!
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