22 December 2005

Project Runway "Team Lingerie"

As a general rule, I avoid the second season of a reality show because the producers tend to ruin what I liked about the first season by trying to produce more drama. I broke my own rule by returning to Project Runway because I thought that there was no way it could happen to this show. Talent will win out, right? Well, apparently not.

On the latest installment, the designers were put into teams of three to create a lingerie collection. Santino was one of the team leaders and he had a complete meltdown just when his team need his direction the most. In the end, his lingerie was ugly and impractical yet he was kept and Daniel F was cut. I believe that Daniel F got cut for almost the same reason as Raymundo the previous week -- he was trying to be modest rather than all-out sexy with his collection. The judges also criticized his pieces for not being young enough. Excuse me, but old broads like me want to wear lingerie, too. I'm not denying that Santino is talented but I think he was kept because his propensity to clash with the other contestants makes for more interesting viewing, at least for some.
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