10 January 2006

Gilmore Girls "The Perfect Dress"

I'm not even going to pretend that this is a full review. These are just some disjointed thoughts that I jotted down as I watched the episode:

--The other Gilmore fans will probably denounce me, but all the cheery Rory/Lorelei babbling in this episode got on my nerves within two minutes. I enjoyed it before their little separation period, but now it seems fake. Rory always seemed a bit more mature and conventional than her mother Lorelei. Now that they've made up she is acting like a bubbly three-year-old.

--I'm glad to see more Lane, but did I miss her moving back in with her mother?

--I'll have to show this ep to ABM when he gets home because it proves his argument about men and weddings. Conventional wisdom suggests that men don't really care about wedding plans and just want to know where to show up. ABM wanted to be involved in every aspect of our wedding and claims that most men he knows are the same way. Luke apparently falls into that camp because he seemed upset that he didn't get any input.

--Rory's crying in therapy looked fake. I've seen Alexis Bledel do more sincere crying, so I know that she can pull it off. I guess it was supposed to be comic relief rather than a genuine emotional moment.

--I'm glad that Logan is back. Other fans may think that he is bad news. Her other two boyfriends weren't exactly great catches, either. I think Rory and Logan will be good for each other; they just need to work out the issues with their families.

OK, the episode is over and I am pissed. I should have known that Luke wasn't going to tell Lorelei about his daughter tonight. Just once, I wish writers wouldn't drag things out for dramatic effect. Let him go ahead and tell her so that they can get down to the real work of dealing with the situation.
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