05 January 2006

I have locked myself in my bedroom to escape from my children. This day is a perfect illustration of why I need to be a SAHM. After spending eight hours at a mind-numbing job, I was immediately bombarded with questions and requests as soon as I came in the door. I feel like I have been set upon by those birds in the Hitchcock movie. Everyone is hungry, but ABM forgot to buy the eggs I need for the meatloaf (he isn't used to me cooking yet). I have to cook this ground beef because I thawed it two days' ago. Since this is Thursday, I have to look over all the notes that the teachers have sent home. In about 45 minutes, ABM will call me with some task that he would like me to complete before he gets home. I haven't had a chance to sit down and pay the bills and I just know that something is going to get cut off this week. C1 is going to a slumber party tomorrow so I have to get her bag packed tonight. If I don't get online tonight and order the twins some cool presents for their birthday next week, then they won't get here in time and ABM will pick them up something quick-but-not-ideal from the clearance pile at Toys 'R' Us. Did I mention that my Aunt Flo came to visit this morning and all I want to do is go to bed? Aaaaah!!!!

ABM's job literally pays for the roof over our head; 3/4 of his check goes to the mortgage. That means I have to work to pay for everything else. I know I have to do this, but it is frustrating. Hiding in my room after work is easier than facing the fact that I can't perform these other tasks as well as I would like.
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