14 January 2006

The playdate that turned into a party

It started out as a simple playdate. C1 and C2 each invited two girls who live in the subdivision to come over and play today. Yes, this is the twins' birthday but they were under strict instructions not to call this a party. Yes, the girls brought presents but I still maintained that it wasn't a party. When ABM came in the door carrying birthday cake, goodie bags, and decorated plates with matching napkins, I could deny the truth no longer. This was a birthday party.

We don't normally do birthday parties for the kids. I have never wanted to go to the trouble or expense because I was afraid it would have to escalate as they got older. I've heard of parents who compete with other parents or try to top themselves in planning the birthday celebrations each time. With my unpredictable energy level, I could be totally up for a big party for one kid and then not be able to manage it for the next kid's birthday a month later. To keep things fair, we have always kept their birthdays low-key.

Back to today. The party went surprisingly well. My main worry was that the guests would be bored and make fun of the twins. One of the guests just had a great birthday slumber party last weekend: movies, video games, and a trip to Libby Lu the next day. We couldn't compete with that; hence, calling it a playdate instead of a party. The kids had a great time, though. They played a few party games (Wink Thief, Catch the Pig, Pit), talked about boys and music, jumped on the trampoline, blew bubbles, and ran around giggling like young girls should. I thought they would get on my nerves, but it was fun.

Despite the good time, I am glad that I don't have to do it again for a while. I didn't notice any pain during the party, but I can barely move now. My feet, my thighs, and my back are all stiff and sore. Exercise needs to be moved to the top of my list.
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