17 January 2006

Gilmore Girls "Just Like Gwen and Gavin"

Lorelei did so many things right in this episode. She softened towards Logan a bit, and she didn't overreact when she found out about Luke's daughter. However, her reaction when Luke said that he wanted to postpone the wedding seemed a bit selfish. Luke was willing to wait until the feud between Rory and Lorelei was settled. He also stood back and let Lorelei and Sookie plan the whole wedding without any input from him. He handled both situations without much fuss, so I wasn't pleased to see that little pout on Lorelei's puss at the end of the episode.

Usually I am very interested in minor characters on TV shows, but Paris is getting on my nerves. For a while the writers made her character less shrill which made her friendship with Rory more believable. Now she is back to her old self and she makes me think of those high school friends that stay the same while you change. Paris hasn't done anything recently to justify Rory sticking with her. Although, I guess that is the definition of true friendship -- loving someone who is unloveable to everyone else.
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