23 January 2006

Pressing on

Yesterday's success in the garage deserved a follow-up, so tonight I tackled my pantry. Never mind that I was so tired today I almost fell asleep at work. The new me is trying to do something useful for the family every day. Unfortunately, I didn't accomplish as much as I did yesterday. I still have canned goods stacked on the kitchen table because my back gave out after an hour. Although I could have crammed everything back into the pantry, I would rather resume work tomorrow and arrange the food in a user-friendly manner.

My work in the pantry yielded a similar result to my work in the garage yesterday. There is so much food in there that it is almost shameful, even after throwing out the stale stuff. I have a whole shelf of pasta products! ABM and the MIL keep bringing home stuff that they find on sale, but I rarely cook. I've got to push myself to cook at least a couple times a week so that this food doesn't go to waste.
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