26 January 2006

Project Runway "Inspiration"

Is Michael Kors funding or producing this show? I believe this week's episode is a repeat of last year's "Michael Kors' pep talk" challenge. The designers were sent out in the street with digital cameras to take photos that would inspire their next design. My thoughts:

--Zulema was feeling her oats in this episode. Up until now, it was almost an unspoken pact that all the designers would keep the same models. Not only did Zulema break that by deciding to switch models, she also had the sass to ask for a walk-off between three models so she could make her choice. She ended up taking Nick's model, so Nick got her model. I think Nick was right; Zulema knew who she wanted all along and just asked for a walkoff to assert the power of her win a little longer.

--Nick felt like he was slapped in the face by Tim's comment to be more ambitious. I think he just wasn't in the right frame of mind to hear constructive criticism. He was still sulking because his model was stolen. Of course, Tim's comments about Nick's new model didn't help. He said she had "Gumby legs". What that really necessary?

--It pleases me when contestants on reality shows remember that they are human even in the midst of competition. Daniel gave Nick an encouraging talk that got his head back in the game. Nick is his rival but he still didn't want Nick to eliminate himself from the competition over what was basically a bad hair day

--Do you think that Tim heard Santino doing his Tim impression (which I found amusing)? He must have, because a few minutes later he made a comment about "the Santino effect".

The dresses:

1. I think that Andrae captured the essence of the challenge. When you see his dress next to his photo, you definitely see the inspiration.
2. Kara's dress was simple but I liked it. Having it hobbled a bit at the knees took it a notch above the basic black dress.
3. I liked Santino's fabric but I was hoping that he would get away from those twisted ropes.
4. Daniel's dress was ugly! All that poufiness around my neck would get on my nerves.
5. Chloe found a way to stick that blue into her design.
6. I couldn't quite see Nick's inspiration in his dress, other than the color.
7. I liked the color of Zulema's dress but I am still not sure whether I like the design.

--I'm listening to the judges right now and they agreed with me that you could see Andrae's inspiration immediately in the dress. They disagreed with me on Daniel's dress; for some reason they liked that hideous flower-bulb top.

--The judges ripped Zulema apart, but I can't help wondering if the model contributed to their dislike of the dress. Tarah (the model) did not like Zulema's design and was disgusted with Zulema for not having it finished by the time she came in for the fitting. I wouldn't be surprised if the judges read a little discontent in that sneer she wore on the runway.

Daniel's dress won, when I was so sure it would be Andrae. The judges surprised me by getting rid of Zulema. In the past they have kept Santino with designs that were far uglier. I think Zulema will make a name for herself from sheer force of will, so being eliminated from this competition probably didn't hurt her very much. I don't think she needed it as much as the others do.
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