25 January 2006

What I'm Doing

Reading: I skimmed A Girl Named Zippy but I couldn't get into it. Most likely I didn't give it a fair chance because what I wanted to read was She Got Up Off the Couch, but my obsessive nature said I had to read the author's first book first.

The book that is holding my interest this week is The Great Book of Family Games. This book has rules to several classics such as backgammon but there are also many games that are unfamiliar to me. Most of these games can be played with what I already have in the house, which is a boon to me because my game collection is still small. I can't wait to try some of these. I must be turning into a boardgame geek if I am reading game rules for fun!

Listening: Boardgames To Go has an interesting show up now, at least if you are hobby gamer. It is a discussion of the Five and Dime List, which is a rough statistical analysis of what games are being played each year. GeeksOn talks about geek hobbies inching into the mainstream. The Ricky Gervais Show defies description -- if you need a laugh, go listen now!

Watching: There is a new videocast called Boardgames with Scott. The kids and I watched a couple episodes this weekend and we loved it. The presenter, Scott Nicholson, is a professor of library science by trade. He is well-spoken and animated, which is a necessity if you are doing a podcast or videocast without a co-host. Seeing the components and how the game looks in play is very helpful to me, since I will be making the majority of my purchases online.

Playing: I haven't been playing much this week; I used Sunday's game time for clearing out the garage. However, M loaded Warfare Incorporated onto her PDA and got past the level that has had me stuck for three weeks. I had her show me how to do it, so I imagine I will be playing that for a while (at least until I get stuck again!)
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