01 January 2006

Sometimes you can know too much

ABM and I just finished watching "Beauty Shop". It was a light confection of a movie, but I was very impressed with the piano playing in it. As I usually do, I went on the internet to look up the young actress who played Vanessa (Paige Hurd) and find out how long she has been playing. Imagine my disappointment when I found this article detailing how actors are coached to fake piano playing for the camera. This is something I didn't need to know. I am well aware that movies are about fantasy and I appreciate good special effects in a sci-fi or fantasy movie. This piano coaching thing messes with what I expect from movies. I think that moviegoers in my age group have become accustomed to certain tricks. There's a certain quality to the recording that lets you know that an actor isn't doing her own singing and there are certain camera cuts that let you know the actor isn't doing his own dancing or stunt work. Knowing this has never ruined a movie for me. For some reason, the knowledge that I was so thoroughly fooled in this movie is bothering me.
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