21 February 2006

Oprah Special Report: Katrina Stories No One is Telling

Although I take in lots of information daily, none of it is really news. I purposely avoid news because I can't take it. Today, however, when I saw the Oprah special come on I felt that I had to watch it. I have been more wrapped up in my own petty problems than usual and I thought that as a good Christian I should focus on someone else's problems for a while.

Thank God for TiVo. If I had to watch this show straight through, I think my heart would have burst out of my chest. The fact that part of our citizenry is still living in squalor months after the hurricane is appalling. The fact that people are being kicked out of temporary housing because FEMA will no longer pay for it is appalling. The fact that kids are being kicked out of school because they can't meet the uniform dress code is appalling. I don't know much about what is being done and what has bogged down the system, but stories like this need to be on TV every day until the people with power get mad and fix this.
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