22 February 2006

Avoiding my responsibilities

Checking DJ's homework is such a trial that I avoid doing it. I know that is bad, but it is the truth. His main problem is his atrocious handwriting. It isn't just a little sloppy; his letters don't have the proper proportions and he ignores lines on the paper altogether. He thinks that as long as his teacher doesn't say anything to him, then his homework is fine. She may not say anything, but his grades are going down because she marks off for bad handwriting (unlike the teacher he had for the first quarter).

Today I had to deal with another crying jag when I asked DJ to rewrite his spelling words. He says that he hates for me to check his homework because I am always going to tell him that it is wrong. I waver between feeling sorry for him and being angry with him. I know that when he slows down he can write the letters properly, but he is hellbent on finishing his homework as quickly as possible. No matter how gentle I am when I tell him to do the rewrites, he cries. Sometimes I try to show him how to do it properly next time without making him rewrite it this time, but he still cries. What's worse is that he just sits and cries. I know this sounds crass, but I wish he would write while he was crying so he could get it over with.

Today's Exercise: Belly dance video

This workout doesn't hurt my back but I had to quit early because my left ankle hurts. It has been hurting since yesterday. Although Monday's workout didn't seem difficult at the time, I suspect that the jumping jacks were a bad idea. I have a ballet/pilates workout I can try tomorrow if it still hurts.
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