09 February 2006

Water Cooler Talk: Project Runway


This week, the designers had to give each other makeovers.

--This has absolutely nothing to do with the show, but I loathe the way Daniel was holding his cell phone. My husband and everyone I know has developed that weird hold when they use the speaker phone. It's like the phone is contaminated so they only want to hold it with their fingertips. I prefer the cyborg look of the Bluetooth headset over that any day.

--Again, nothing to do with the show: why must today's pregnant women wear the tightest clothing possible over their bellies? I understand being proud of your little bump; I was definitely proud of mine. However, the black t-shirt Heidi was wearing looked like it could barely take the strain of being stretched over her stomach and the jacket stuck out at an odd angle because it wasn't long enough to accommodate her girth. That was not youthful or attractive; it just made her look like she was in denial.

--After a few episodes of showing his endearing side, Santino returned to being a jerk. He especially got on Nick's nerves. I'm still wondering if he has a crush on Santino. The one you love is often the one who gets on your nerves the most.

--A little hair and makeup assistance can do wonders! Kara, Chloe, and Daniel all had full, sexy heads of hair that just needed a little attention.

--Santino lied through his teeth about the outfit he designed for Kara! I'm glad that she didn't feel the need to defend him and his glued-together jumpsuit, even though she loses points with me for crying about it backstage.

--The dubbing of Heidi's comments on the runway was so obvious that it makes me wonder what the designers were actually hearing in the studio.

Nick was the ultimate loser this time. How did Santino skate by again? His outfit was falling apart. I know that Nick's suit for Daniel was puckering at the seams, but that can't be as bad as a sleeve falling off. The producers have got to be pushing to keep Santino so that there will be a strong personality in the final three.

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