11 February 2006

Health Update

Yes, I am starting back at ground zero. I know what the problem is, though. The MIL bought a giant container of French vanilla cappucino mix and I have been drinking two or three huge mugs of it every day. High-calorie drinks pack on the pounds for me more than anything else and I can see the difference almost immediately. If I start cutting them out now, I can guarantee that I will see a loss of at least two pounds next week. Whether I will cut them out is the question 'cause I loves me some coffee.

My exercise program is going about as well as expected. I've been using a show called All-Star Workouts on FitTV that has a different workout every day by a well-known fitness instructor. I can only do about 10-12 minutes of the workout, which basically covers the warmup. Still, I am really feeling it in my thighs and calves so that's good enough for me.
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