18 March 2006

Health Update

I'm on Biggest Loser overload. I've been watching the Australian version of the show, Netflix just sent me The Biggest Loser Workout DVD, and I started reading Winning by Losing this week. I know I said I didn't want to follow yet another weight loss plan, but my casual approach isn't working. I still hate the idea of thinking about diet constantly, so I've got to find some kind of balance between obsession and apathy.

Anyway, I just started reading Jillian Michaels' book and the first task is to write down your health goals. This sort of thing doesn't usually work for me; I have such a contrary personality that I will purposely go in the opposite direction of what I wrote down. I guess I figure that if I am going to fail, I might as well do it on a large scale. So I thought that if I proclaimed my goals publicly I might do better. Here goes:

I want to lose 100 pounds.
I want to wear a size 16 again.
I want to increase my sexual stamina.

I will work out three times this coming week.
I will lose one pound this week.

I will not eat French fries for lunch!
I will not drink sweet iced tea with lunch!

She recommends listing rewards for meeting each goal. Honestly, I don't find this step necessary. Part of the reason that I am in such poor shape now is because I indulge myself. I can find a million reasons why I deserve to sit in front of the TV or take a bubble bath. I need to just get on with it. Besides, if I lose enough weight then my improved sex life will be reward enough!
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