29 March 2006

I've been too tired to post this week. It is taking all of my energy to stay awake after work while the kids finish homework and take baths. I haven't exercised, either.

In addition to my fatigue, I am being thrown off by ABM's new schedule. Whenever he switches schedules, it takes me a while to adjust my routine. My husband is a great guy, but when he is home he thinks that whatever he wants to do comes first. There is a little jockeying for position unitl we get things settled (who gets to use the computer first, I want to go straight home when he wants to run errands, etc.) Sometimes I give in because he already makes a lot of sacrifices as the sole driver in this house. On other things, I have to remind him that I had a routine I followed when he wasn't home and I would like to stick to it.
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