25 March 2006

Health Update

I'm a little disappointed. I met my daily goal (no fries and no sweet iced tea) every day this week. I exercised three times and actually broke a sweat. With those changes I should have lost a pound, but instead I gained four. Still, I am not going to give up. I like the Biggest Loser Workout DVD that I've been using so I will continue with it next week. I will also continue avoiding fries and sweet tea.

My new food goal for next week is to have a proper breakfast before I go to work in the morning. Most mornings, my breakfast consists of two large coffees and something out of the vending machine. I know that breakfast is a big part of a healthy lifestyle, but I don't get out of bed early enough to fix anything. I guess I'll have to sacrifice a little sleep.

My new non-food goal for next week is to go to bed by 11p. I don't usually go to bed before midnight. With ABM's new schedule, I can see myself staying up until 1a because I have trouble making myself go to bed before he gets home. This has got to stop. I know that I make poor food choices when I am tired, so getting more sleep may help me lose weight.
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