20 April 2006

As you guys know, I am pretty antisocial most of the time but I have been in a talkative mood lately. Maybe I should say a typing mood because I still don't want to talk to anybody at work. I've been doing some socializing online (IRC, e-mail, Skype) and now I want more. I gave up chatrooms years ago because people can be so childish. If you go in the right one on the right night, however, it can be very fun. There is a chatroom that was set up for fans of a particular podcast and I have enjoyed hanging with these folks on the past two weekends. None of my buddies are online tonight and I am feeling a little lonely.

Luckily, I won't be lonely this weekend. Rabbit and her husband are coming over on Saturday. This will be fun because they are coming over specifically to play games. When other couples come over we play games with them, too, but there is always an awkward moment after dinner when I'm not sure if the couple actually wants to play. I always want to play games when we have other adults over because I crave more competition than I can get from my kids. ABM doesn't usually mention games when he invites couples over, though, so I sometimes feel like I am foisting my preference on them ("Oh, no -- they've lured us here with food and now they are going to make us play strange games that we have never heard of!").

The good thing about having Rabbit over is that she likes any gathering that doesn't involve the four of us just vegging out in front of the TV after dinner. After our last dinner, she was the one who suggested that we have regular game nights. She even bought a copy of one of the games we played that night. We are definitely going against the boardgaming stereotype of wives that have to dragged into gaming by their husbands. In our circle, the wives are the gamers. The men will try anything I bring to the table but left on their own they would still be playing Spades (if I could drag them away from the TV).
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