23 April 2006

Cut to the chase

Every so often, Hallmark sponsors a movie on CBS. Every break has a Hallmark commercial. I like these movies; the predictable nature of them is comforting. However, for my money Hallmark could skip the movie and just string all the commercials together. They are very cathartic. The great thing is that during these movies you get to see the long form of each commercial. I'm watching a Hallmark movie now. Since I haven't watched one of these in a while, the commercials are all new to me. I've already boo-hooed over one where an 50-ish man learns how to read so that he can read all the Father's Day cards that his grown kids sent him when they were little. Sappy, yes, but a string of those is a quick way for me to get out all my pent-up emotion.
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