08 April 2006

Health Update

The site I use for my ticker is down so I'll just let you know that I gained half a pound. This puts me at 268.5 pounds. Considering that I didn't exercise and I'm on my period, I'm glad that it wasn't worse.

As I was lying in bed this morning trying to figure out how to approach the day, I began thinking about different outlets for my creativity. It occurred to me that my blog needs a little more focus. To that end, I may move my weight-loss ramblings to Extra Pounds. I would still do a brief update here on Saturdays, but the majority of my whining would be over there. In addition to sparing you all that blather, the Extra Pounds site will give me the tools to create a great-looking blog that has the flashy trackers and graphs. Everybody wins! I'll let you know by next Saturday if I am making the change.
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