06 April 2006

Must learn to adapt

The MIL is going to be here until 10p and her presence is throwing me off. She's not doing anything but sitting unobtrusively on the couch, yet just having her here makes me feel like I can't go about my normal evening activities. I feel guilty fiddling around on the computer and I am certainly not going to exercise while she is here. Although we get along better than we did when I first married ABM, I still can't shake the feeling that she thinks I'm odd and that her son does all the work in this family. When will I start feeling like "a woman fully growed" and stop letting her unsettle me?

Of course, there is a positive side to this -- my desire not to appear lazy in front of the MIL will push me to do some housework. This house is a wreck and I don't like it this way, but it takes a lot for me to overcome my fatigue and clean on a weekday. Having someone in the house usually does the trick, even if it is only a neighbor kid visiting. So there's my silver lining for today :-).
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