03 April 2006

Today's Exercise: Biggest Loser Workout (routine #2)

According to the six-week plan on the DVD, I am supposed to alternate between Routines 1 and 3 and 2 and 4. This means that during the first week I was supposed to do Routine 1 on M-W-F and Routine 4 on T-Th-Sat. The problem is that the first week is low-intensity and then the next week is high intensity. I did OK during the first week but I couldn't even make it through 15 minutes of the high-intensity stuff, as you can see by today's number. Perhaps I should stick with the first-week schedule for a while. It still makes me sweat but I can make it all the way through the 40-minute routines.

In other health news, ABM has decided that we need to drink more water. Since he already drinks at least 60 oz. a day, what he really means is that I need to drink more water and he is going to be supportive. He bought each of us a 32-oz water bottle with a handle and a pop-up top. He said our goal is to drain it twice. I'm about 8 oz away from meeting the goal today. Who knew that a bigger bottle would make a difference? I just put the bottle in the spot that is usually occupied by my coffee cup and I kept reaching for it out of habit. This is big for me because I don't normally drink much of anything and the few liquids I do consume are sugary (coffee and tea, mostly). I did cheat a little, though, by adding some lemon juice and two teaspoons of Splenda to the bottle. I know that the lemon is OK, but some people would frown on the Splenda. I figure that some liquid is better than none at all.
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