07 May 2006


I'm probably late to the party, but I just discovered a site called Lifehacker this weekend and I'm loving it. It is a professional blog that recommends websites, downloads, and other tips to make your life easier. Most of the information is computer-related, but not always. One post pointed me to a medical study about walking and its affect on health. That has nothing to do with technology, but it is knowledge that sedentary computer jockeys need to have.

There are lots of sites that provide similar information, but the posts on Lifehacker are written in plain English and get straight to the point. I'm not dumb, but lately I've been more appreciative of books and articles that are written on the level of the average high-school freshman; they penetrate my addled Mommy-brain better. Also, Lifehacker seems to find unique information. If you browse a lot of tech sites (or listen to a lot of tech podcasts like I used to), you run into the same articles everywhere.

My favorite thing about Lifehacker is that they have separate RSS feeds for the different categories they cover. I wish some of the other blogs I read did that. For instance, I subscribed to PDAddicts several months' ago when ABM and I got our first Palm devices. We are pretty happy with the productivity software that came with our devices, but I am always on the lookout for new games. PDAddicts has a very prolific staff, so I end up sifting through tons of e-book reviews to find the three or four game listings. If they followed the Lifehacker model, I could just subscribe to the RSS feed for Palm games and cut back on my reading time.

Go check out Lifehacker!
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