05 June 2006

Growing My Own Gamers #5

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned; it has been three months to the day since my last gaming report :-). We have had several short game sessions since then, so I'll just hit the highlights.

Dutch Blitz/Nerts/Racing Demon/Pounce
: Whatever you want to call it, we played it -- a lot. It has become our opening game for every game night. Even though there isn't much skill or strategy involved, it puts everyone in a fun yet competitive mood. I'm just surprised that none of us have ever played it before. You would think with a game this old that is known by so many names, at least one of us should have heard of it. By the way, we call it Pounce.

Give Me the Brain!: I've played this game four times since I purchased it. The kids love it, Rabbit and her husband like it, but ABM hates it. This pretty much guarantees that it won't hit the table again, at least while the adults are playing. I thought that the unpredictable reverses of turn order would appeal to ABM because they are similar to those in Uno, a game he likes. I was wrong. He dislikes the randomness of the game.

Bang!: I bought this game at the same time I bought Give Me the Brain, and I don't think it is going to get much play with the adults. Again, the kids like it. ABM thinks he might like it with a few tweaks, but Rabbit didn't care for it. I think it will be more enjoyable with time because there is a bit of a learning curve with this game. My guess it that it plays much more smoothly after about five sessions with it.

Pokino: This is a game that is part of the print-and-play category. You download the .pdf file, print it out, and either cut out the game board or provide your own pieces. Pokino is of the latter variety; the file just contains rules and you provide all the game pieces. In this case, a double-12 set of dominoes, poker chips, pennies, and a deck of cards are required. I'm not going to go through the whole rule set here, but you can read my review on BoardGameGeek. Suffice it to say that this has a good chance of being played again. There was more strategy than Poison, but it wasn't as confusing as Bang! Strangely, it is a little too complicated for the kids -- the same kids who have no problem with Bang! I'll have to wait several weeks until we have adults over to play this again.

Black Cat: This is another game from the people at Invisible City, which also houses Pokino. It sounded good on paper, but it was just a mess of grabbing cards. If anyone can figure out what I am missing in this game, please tell me.

Blokus: This is the latest game that I've added to my collection. The kids have played it but we had too many people to bring it to the table this past Saturday. I want to try it with grown-ups because it dragged on and on with the kids. They had trouble finding spots for their pieces toward the end, so I had to just call the game.

That's it! School will be out soon, and I look forward to playing more games with the kids. Perhaps I'll even find time to post about them :-).
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