20 June 2006

What I Like: Jill Scott

Once upon a time, I fantasized about trading lives with Bonnie Raitt. I adored everything about her looks, her voice, and the way she came across in interviews. Unfortunately, I have trouble daydreaming about anything that doesn't have at least one pinky toe in reality, so it bothered me that the object of my adoration was not black. Then, I discovered Jill Scott.

It is difficult for me to verbalize what I like about Jill Scott. Her music takes my breath away. It is sensual without being vulgar. The first time I heard "A Long Walk", I wanted to go make out with my husband in the grass somewhere. Her songs are jazz and poetry and R & B in the most delectable mix you can imagine.

Jill Scott's physical bearing is regal without being off-putting. Her singing voice has incredible range, while her soft speaking voice only hints at its strength. No matter what she is talking about, the sound of her voice embodies the good feelings that I get from many of my favorite things: cotton skirts in springtime, backrubs from my husband, dark chocolate. Then there is her beauty. Look at that face! Who wouldn't want to wake up one morning and look like that? Beyond her natural good looks, she gives me hope that I can be attractive right now at my current size. Jill Scott has definitely dethroned Bonnie Raitt as my fantasy replacement.
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