05 July 2006

What I Like: Dirty Jobs

Discovery Channel ran a Dirty Jobs marathon on 4th of July. For those unfamiliar with the show, the host Mike Rowe tries his hand at the difficult jobs that keep this country running yet are rarely profiled. Yesterday, I watched Mr. Rowe work as a pig farmer, a beekeeper, an exterminator, and a hot tar roofer, among other things. He usually profiles three jobs per episode and at least one of them involves some sort of poo.

Why do I like this show? There was a quote from Mr. Rowe on the official site that will help me answer that question:

"It's surprising how many people come home from relatively 'clean' jobs at the end of the day feeling bitter and miserable. Whereas the people I meet, by and large, seem really content with their lives, and happy with their dirty jobs."

This is the type of show that reminds me to be thankful for what I've got. I work in one of those clean jobs and, yes, at the end of many days I am whining and moaning about how unfair my life is. At least I don't have to stick my arm up a cow's butt or collect owl vomit!
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