17 August 2006

Poetry Thursday: Writer's Block

This week, our leaders over at Poetry Thursday have decided to give us a free day. You would think that this would be the perfect opportunity for me to post a new poem. Ha! The silence required to write is too uncomfortable for me right now. So I'm posting another old poem. If you are tired of leftovers, try me next week; perhaps I will have cooked up something new by then.


Writer's Block

I can't put the words together anymore.
I've run out of life
To write about
Since you've been gone.
My life is a volume
That was loved too much
And then discarded.
It is falling apart
Leaf by leaf.
I can't mend the binding
Because the wind is blowing
The pages away
And the cover is gone.
Can you come back
Just long enough
To help me catch the pages
Before they drift too far
And I forget who I am
Or that I ever loved
And was loved?

--Dani Sanders, 19 April 1984
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