02 August 2006

What I Like: "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera

This is one hot track! Other bloggers have called this song boring, but I don't think so. It showcases Aguilera's voice and reminds us why she became popular in the first place. Many critics say that she has a stronger voice than her contemporary Britney Spears, and I would have to agree. The song itself may not have what it takes to become a classic, but I wouldn't be surprised to hear it blasting out of car windows for the rest of the summer.

The video is a good one, but I may be biased. I am drawn to anything that borrows a vintage look. Aguilera has been carrying this 30's/40's-era style out into the street to promote her new CD. I think it suits her much better that the dirty street-urchin look that she was fond of for a while. She will never be called "demure", but her dance moves look less skanky in a satin party dress.
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