23 August 2006

What I Like: Bianca Ryan, winner of "America's Got Talent"

I didn't watch any of "America's Got Talent". Although I like talent competitions, all the reviews I read and the clips I saw led me to believe that all the acts were of the "stupid human tricks" variety. When I found out that the winner of the $1 million prize was an 11-year-old singer, my interest was piqued. I trusted that the YouTube community would have posted at least a dozen clips of Bianca Ryan, and they did not disappoint me. I had trouble deciding between two clips, so I am sharing them both.

This was Bianca's audition performance. You see Brandy stand on her feet toward the end. That is exactly how I felt when I first watched it, and not just because that is a stirring song. I'm old enough to remember the original getting plenty of airplay and I have heard plenty of bad renditions since then. A singer would have to be pretty good for me to accept her singing that song.

This is Bianca's performance in the finals. She took the advice of one of the judges and changed her makeup and hair. It made a big difference. Also, if you look at her facial expressions as she is walking down the stairs, you can tell that she knows what she is singing about.

Bianca isn't the best singer I've heard in competitions like this. She probably wouldn't have made it to the top 20 on "American Idol". However, I can't escape the fact that there is a raw talent within her. With a little work on her enunciation and possibly her pitch, she could be a powerful vocalist. I can't wait to hear her when she is about 16.
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