09 August 2006

What I like: "Flipped" bye Wendelin Van Draanen

If you have elementary or middle-school aged children in your house, then you may be familiar with Wendelin Van Draanen as the author of the Sammy Keyes detective series. She has also written a young-adult romantic comedy called "Flipped" and I loved it. It follows Bryce and Julianna from second grade to eighth grade. Basically, it is love at first sight for Julianna but Bryce doesn't have much interest in girls yet. The story is told in chapters that alternate between Bryce and Julianna's perspectives. The book is light enough that I am afraid to tell you much more of the plot. I will say that Ms. Van Draanen treats her young readers with respect; there are a couple tough situations that, while not described in gritty detail, aren't given an unrealistic happy ending, either. This 200-page novel is quick reading but it still packed a punch for me.
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