16 September 2006

Braved the depths of my freezer

A big part of the Good Mommy Project is cooking dinner every night.  In the past, I have let the kids fend for themselves on the weekends.  This usually meant hot dogs or frozen burritos. Yes, I know three of my kids are in grammar school, but they can use the microwave :-). 

Anyway, in search of a meat for dinner, I finally delved into our mini-deep freeze in the garage.  ABM buys meat whenever he finds in on sale and tosses it in the freezer without telling me.  Most of the time I open it up and get scared away by the turkey necks on top.  Today I ventured past the turkey to see what else we had.  I ended up taking everything out of the freezer.  The good news is that I found two bags of boneless chicken breasts, two packages of stew beef, and two small pot roasts.  These are items for which I can find recipes.  The turkey necks?  I can't work with those.

The bad news is that I think I need to defrost the freezer.  There is a thick layer of ice on all four sides.  Unfortunately, I haven't seen anyone defrost a freezer since I was a kid so I don't remember how.  Hopefully, Google can come to my aid!
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