24 November 2006

I was better off not knowing

Out of the new fall TV shows, my favorite is Ugly Betty. It is the classic story of a down-to-earth girl surrounded by chi-chi people who have forgotten their roots. The setting is the office of a fashion magazine, so there are lots of jokes about how Betty doesn't know how to dress. Betty also comments a lot about how in her world she doesn't have the money to throw away on expensive clothes and other luxuries.

Anyway, I was on the ABC website looking at Grey's Anatomy t-shirts and decided to click over and see if there were any Ugly Betty shirts. I ended up in the SeenOn section of the store which tells you where to buy items of clothing that the characters wore in certain episodes. I know that TV is not reality, but I was still disappointed to find that the clothes Betty wears come from Nordstrom's and Neiman-Marcus. In real life, that character would be shopping at Wal-Mart and Lane Bryant would be a splurge. Neiman-Marcus? That is so wrong. A pair of pants that Betty wore on the Thanksgiving episode cost $168! I can honestly say that I have never spent that much on an entire outfit. It is almost as if the show runners thought Betty would be too ugly if she wore clothes from Target. I guess that's showbiz!
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