26 November 2006

Luxury toilet paper?

I am watching one of those product shows on HGTV. The network sends a couple reporters to practically every industry product convention in the country, such as Kitchen and Bath Show 2006, and puts together an hour-long show on the best items displayed. I like watching these shows because it is like window shopping from my bedroom.

Anyway, as I type this I am watching HGTV's coverage of the NY Gift Show. An exhibitor just told the reporter that Uma Thurman puts Renova tissue in her bathrooms for parties. This is scented, brightly-colored toilet paper and it actually comes in gift packs. Who would give toilet paper as a gift? This is another example that I can add to my rant about ordinary things becoming luxuries and going up in price as a result. I remember as a kid when you could get blue, pink, and yellow toilet paper in the grocery store for only a few pennies more than regular rolls. It was my understanding that it was taken off the shelves because the dyes caused infection. Now it's back and cost about $5 a roll. How crazy!
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