26 December 2006

I've been brainwashed

It occurred to me on Sunday that I had been reading the Dress A Day blog a little too much. I was shopping for toys when I was totally distracted by a woman wearing a Duro-style dress. A few months' ago I didn't even know what a Duro was; now I am convinced that it is the perfect dress for my body shape and I must own one. Unfortunately, the knock-offs of this style haven't made it to the cheapo places where I shop yet. Since I haven't seen these dresses in the shops, I almost abandoned my anti-social tendencies and asked this perfect stranger where she got her dress. My natural reticence won out, however, so I am still without that precious bit of knowledge.

More and more I am starting to think that I need to sew my own clothes to get what I want. The ideal solution would be to lose 100 pounds, but I still have to wear something while I'm trying to get in shape. How on earth am I going to find the energy to sew along with everything else?
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