14 December 2006

Poetry Thursday: Driving My Kids Down Abbey Road

This week's prompt was to be inspired by a street.  My poem is connected to the prompt by the tiniest of unpaved side roads, but I'm sharing it, anyway.  This is my attempt to put this week's prevailing thought into words--and no, the poem is NOT about Christmas.  Feel free to give me some constructive criticism; this was written on my lunch break so I know it probably needs some work!

Driving My Kids Down Abbey Road

It's a road so well-traveled,
Many assume that
Everyone is familiar
With its landmarks.
It is the place where
My wedding song was born.
Will my little ones appreciate
The talent that once
Resided there?
Perhaps not,
But I would be remiss
If I left them with
A copy
Of a copy
Of a copy
Ringing in their ears.

--Dani M. Sanders, 14 Dec 2006

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