22 February 2007


I know, I know -- I haven't been around much lately. And yes, this is supposed to be Poetry Thursday but there is no poetry. Ya see, what had happened was . . .

ABM asked me to troubleshoot his friend's PC so "we" could make a quick $50. No problem, I thought. It is turning out to be a big problem because the CPU keeps shutting off and it is difficult to turn back on. I spent most of last evening trying different things to diagnose the problem. Today I think I have it figured out, but the stupid machine cut off before I could actually fix it. The funny thing is that the shutting-off isn't the problem that the owner brought it to us to remedy.

Other than that, I have been job-hunting and trying to shake off this mysterious fatigue. There are so many tasks that I want to complete while I'm home (including blogging more often), but I am so tired every day. All I want to do is sleep. It occurred to me yesterday that I may be a bit sad as well. I'm feeling very fat and ugly these days, especially since I haven't had my hair done in a while. Perhaps if I can summon up the energy to touch up my perm, I'll feel more enthusiastic about other areas of my life.
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