28 February 2007

I wanna be carefree

I have an online friend who is a SAHM. Whenever something strikes her fancy, she updates her blog. Her posts aren't masterpieces. They are just tidbits about what is on her mind or going on that day. Why can't I be like her? I'm always second-guessing every single post I make, to the point that it sometimes takes me two hours to write three paragraphs.

You know the expression, "open the floodgates"? I feel like that needs to happen in my creative life. The number one rule of being a writer is that you have to actually write. I take so much time overanalyzing what I want to put on the page that I never get it out. My mind is bottled up.

I am going to try an experiment tomorrow. I am going to leave Blogger open so that it will be easier for me to post whenever I have a thought. Let's see how that works out. It could be brilliant -- or TMI.
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