09 March 2007

The imps are at it again

ABM purchased a Motorola Q through his job using his employee discount. He thought that I might want it instead of my Treo, but I was unimpressed. I just love my touch screen! We agreed to sell it on eBay to make a little cash. Today, ABM took it to work with him to play around with it a bit because it helps him in his job if he is familiar with a lot of different phones. I got a text message from him around lunchtime that said that he was thinking about giving it to M.

What?!? I feel very strongly that a 14-year-old does not need to own a mobile phone. Yes, I realize I am in the minority. However, I think a mobile phone is a luxury that you shouldn't own unless you can pay the bills. ABM has always agreed with me because he takes calls from customers all the time whose kids have run up insane bills. Our calling plan is quite generous because it is through ABM's job, but I think that is even worse. M would become accustomed to unlimited minutes and then be in for a rude awakening when she gets her own phone later.

Anyway, I talked to ABM and I think he has come back to his senses as far as giving M the phone. So how do the imps play into this? M's PDA is now playing up. The touch screen won't work properly so she can't get access to her information. Unlike the Treo, her Zire 72 is unusable if the touch screen is unresponsive. So ABM is going to think that he really should give her the Q now. Arrgh!
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