08 March 2007

On the Road to Ubuntu

Some would say that one of my most self-defeating qualities is to take on new challenges when I am already overburdened. I don't mean the inability to say "no" to others or putting myself last, which seems to be a common failing among women. I'm talking about teaching myself a new hobby or something when I should be putting more effort toward household responsibilities. I guess it is my version of burying my head in the sand.

My latest avoidance tactic is to learn about Linux. DJ's computer has been playing up, and I've been working with it on and off for a couple months. This morning, I got out the Windows XP disc to do a repair install. I got fed up when that didn't work and decided to do a clean install. That didn't work, either. After a little research, I concluded that the install wouldn't work due to damage on my CD. So now I have a computer with no operating system and no way to get another Windows disc to try. What a perfect time to try out Linux!
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