08 March 2007

Poor DJ

I've worried for a while about DJ and his seeming lack of "guy" skills. He interacts well with girls his age and does OK when he is one-on-one with a boy his age. However, he doesn't seem to integrate well in groups of boys.

The kids got out of school early today and the weather is beautiful. Several of the neighborhood kids, boys and girls, are playing outside. I just looked out the window and saw all the boys shooting baskets with the father of one of the boys -- except for DJ. He is leaning against the van, watching. If he was playing with his sisters, he would push his way in and grab the ball for a turn. With boys, he seems to be intimidated and just stands on the sidelines. I hope he doesn't inherit my difficulty with social situations.


OK, I looked out the window again and feel better about what I see. DJ has gotten into a pogo-stick contest with the new boy who just moved here from AZ. This kid is WAY more rough-and-tumble than DJ, but he goes out of his way to include DJ in things. He doesn't have to do that because he's made several more friends since starting school, but he still hangs out with DJ. Perhaps some of his fearlessness will rub off on DJ.
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