26 March 2007

Twitter, anyone?

Are any of you using Twitter? How are you using it? I finally signed up after several of my podcasting friends jumped on it. For those that aren't familiar, it is an application that lets you tell all your friends what you are doing at the moment, up to 140 characters. It was designed to be used through your phone, but you can also update on the web or through plug-ins that people have created for the desktop. There is a public timeline but you can also just watch your friends. Check out TwitterVision to see a mashup of the public timeline with GoogleMaps.

I'm still not sure why everyone is enamored of it. It seems like a fad that will disappear in a month unless someone finds a good use for it. I admit that it is mildly entertaining, mainly because it makes use of my unlimited text-messaging plan. None of my local friends are tech-crazy so I rarely get text messages. This way I have a connection to my online friends during the day when everyone else is at work. Still, I don't think Twitter will last long if someone doesn't find an enduring way for it to be used.
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