20 April 2007

King of Macaroni and Cheese

Recently I watched an anime series called Gunslinger Girl and one of the storylines revolved around a children's story called "Prince of Pasta". Yesterday, ABM ascended to the throne as King of Macaroni and Cheese. His recipe is finally perfect.

ABM likes old-fashioned macaroni and cheese so much that he wanted to learn how to make it himself. After collecting recipes from all the old church ladies he knows and not being quite satisfied with the results, he took a tip from a show called Turn Up the Heat with G. Garvin. I think it caught his attention because we don't see too many cooking shows with black male chefs. Anyway, G. Garvin's macaroni and cheese recipe uses five different types of cheeses. ABM doesn't use the same exact cheeses that G. Garvin does, but it is very good. The church ladies around here think they are cuttin' up if they use sharp and medium cheddar together. Last night, ABM used all three cheddar flavors, colby, and bleu cheese to make a huge macaroni and cheese for a potluck at work. It was so delicious! Now that he has mastered this dish, I wonder what he will focus on next.
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